The early morning sun began to peek through the towering pine trees of South Dakota, casting a golden hue over the forest floor. Kerry Earnhardt, new to the world of hunting Merriam turkeys, stood alongside GO Heath and Haley Heath from the popular hunting show “Family Traditions with Haley Heath.” The excitement of the hunt filled the crisp morning air. Their adventure began with eager anticipation, setting out into the dense woods, eyes sharp and ears attuned to the sounds of the forest. Merriam turkeys were known for their elusiveness, and today would be no different. Throughout the day, they spotted several turkeys, but always at a frustrating distance. GO, a seasoned hunter with a keen eye, finally found a prime spot and took aim. Holding his breath, he fired—and missed. The sound echoed through the trees, scattering the turkeys and leaving the team with nothing but echoes of what could have been. Determined and undeterred, they pressed on. As the sun dipped below the horizon, painting the sky in shades of orange and pink, they decided to call it a day. Tomorrow would be another chance, another opportunity to achieve their goal.

Day two began with renewed vigor. The team started in South Dakota, scouring familiar grounds for any sign of the elusive birds. Hours passed with little to show for their efforts, the turkeys proving to be elusive opponents. The group remained in high spirits, sharing stories and laughter to keep morale high. As the day wore on, they decided to broaden their search and head towards Wyoming. The landscape changed subtly, but the dense forest and rolling hills remained a constant. The day seemed to stretch endlessly as they trekked through the terrain, eyes scanning for any sign of their quarry. Late in the afternoon, they found themselves on a hillside, the vast expanse of Wyoming stretching out before them. As they paused to catch their breath and take in the view, a faint but unmistakable sound reached their ears—the calls of a Merriam turkey. Adrenaline surged through the group as they quickly took cover, blending into the natural surroundings. Patience became their greatest ally as they waited, every sense on high alert. Finally, their patience paid off. A group of turkeys appeared, moving cautiously through the underbrush. Kerry positioned himself for the shot. The moment was tense, the culmination of two days’ worth of effort and anticipation. He steadied his breathing, took aim, and fired. The first shot missed, sending the turkeys into a brief frenzy. Kerry quickly adjusted and fired again. This time, the shot found its mark. The turkey fell, and a triumphant cheer erupted from the group. Kerry had done it—his first Merriam turkey kill.

Celebration filled the air as they gathered together, a mixture of pride and relief evident on Kerry’s face. The journey had been long and challenging, but the reward was worth every moment.


We believe in promoting not only top-notch products but also supporting businesses that prioritize quality, sustainability, and community welfare. By collaborating with these like-minded partners, Earnhardt Outdoors ensures that every product we offer is not only a testament to the love of nature but also a step towards making the world a better place. 


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We all are entitled to a small piece of nature. It’s there for us ALL to explore and enjoy, but for the Great Outdoors to remain GREAT, we must also give back by supporting organizations and opportunities that uphold the preservation and conservation of the land around us for future generations. Some of my best childhood memories were fishing with friends and family. Later in life, I’ve been very fortunate in my racing career to experience so many adventures in the outdoors and travel so many places to see the beautiful land we live in. My goal in forming EO is to ignite the same passion for the outdoors that I have, into lives of others. Thank You for visitng EO and I ask one favor…if you ever get a chance to rise with the sun and sleep under the moon, do IT!


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We offer public appearances, at your location, of the famous husband and wife duo of Kerry and Rene Earnhardt. Another way we can help your business is through product or service creation and promotion. We can work with your company on creating a branded Earnhardt Outdoors version of your product or service. We then assist you in promoting this product through various means.

We understand the value of collaboration and the impact it can have on both businesses and the passionate individuals who love the outdoors. Earnhardt Outdoors serves as a bridge, connecting remarkable products and services with a diverse audience of avid nature enthusiasts who are dedicated to supporting small businesses. Our platform provides a unique opportunity for partners to showcase their offerings to a wide and engaged community, ensuring that the quality and passion behind each product or service shine through. If you have a stellar product or service that aligns with our commitment to excellence in the outdoors, let’s embark on this journey together and elevate your brand with Earnhardt Outdoors.

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