Kerry Earnhardt spends the day at Speed Street in May of 2012 signing autographs and driving a golf cart while texting with the NC State Highway Patrol. On location is also famed Dale Earnhardt Inc. NASCAR driver Steve Parks signing autographs with Kerry. Kerry talks to Steve Parks about his memories with Dale Earnhardt. 

Speed Street, officially known as the Circle K Speed Street presented by Coca-Cola, is a popular festival held annually in Charlotte, North Carolina, often coinciding with the NASCAR races at the Charlotte Motor Speedway. In 2012, the event was a vibrant highlight in the city’s calendar, drawing large crowds eager to partake in the celebrations that blend motorsports enthusiasm with community festivities.

During the 2012 event, Speed Street transformed the heart of uptown Charlotte into a buzzing hub of entertainment and activities. The streets were lined with stages for live music performances, featuring both local and national artists, adding a musical flair to the motorsport excitement. The festival also offered a variety of food vendors, merchandise stalls, and interactive displays from NASCAR sponsors and race teams, allowing fans to get up close with race cars and meet some of their favorite drivers. This family-friendly event provided an engaging mix of entertainment and sports, solidifying its status as a beloved annual tradition in Charlotte.


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We all are entitled to a small piece of nature. It’s there for us ALL to explore and enjoy, but for the Great Outdoors to remain GREAT, we must also give back by supporting organizations and opportunities that uphold the preservation and conservation of the land around us for future generations. Some of my best childhood memories were fishing with friends and family. Later in life, I’ve been very fortunate in my racing career to experience so many adventures in the outdoors and travel so many places to see the beautiful land we live in. My goal in forming EO is to ignite the same passion for the outdoors that I have, into lives of others. Thank You for visitng EO and I ask one favor…if you ever get a chance to rise with the sun and sleep under the moon, do IT!


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